Russell Findlay, Hiscox Insurance

Head of Marketing

Recognizing risk may be at the heart of insurance, but few companies in the global insurance industry embrace it in their advertising.  However, Russ Findlay and Hiscox are challenging convention by bringing a new brand positioning to life with the memorable tagline Encourage Courage.

The dramatic campaign, which highlights entrepreneurial apprehension about successful growth, features men and women who took chances to open and expand their own businesses, and is built on the insight that nothing great can happen without risk.  According to Findlay, “Insurance advertising talks about minimizing risk, not embracing it.  Instead of fearing risk, we should fear not taking it.” 

Ads boldly address the following:  “I invested half of my profits on an employee who’s two times smarter than I am,” “I traded a lot of security and boredom for a lot creativity and freedom,” and “I moved my business out of my parents’ garage and into my own gym.”  All end with the tagline: “Hiscox Business Insurance. The courage to do more and be more. Learn more at”

Hiscox, a global player with strong UK roots, provides professional liability, property and specialty insurance to US businesses through US-based brokers. It also sells insurance for small business owners. The new US brand positioning has resonated with the company’s teams throughout the world.  Findlay is delighted that Hiscox Europe is currently developing new Encourage Courage creative.

Russell Findlay is a 20-year marketing veteran, but is new to the insurance industry.  He joined Hiscox at the end of 2013, following marketing roles at Pepsico, Unilever, IHOP and Major League Soccer.  No doubt, his extensive background contributed to this fresh approach for Hiscox and its ability to disrupt an entire global business category.

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